Public Morals

  • Edward Burns
  • Michael Rapaport
  • Elizabeth Masucci

This powerful police drama, executive produced by Steven Spielberg, is set against the seedy, gritty streets and bright, seductive lights of 1962 New York City. The series centers on the Public Morals division, which investigates vice crimes in the city. Many of these cops walk a thin line between morality and crime as vice related temptations threaten to snare even the best officers. All the while, an escalating war within two factions of the Irish-American mob in Hell’s Kitchen threatens to destabilize the division.


All 10 episodes of this limited-series were written and directed by Edward Burns.


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“A picaresque, briskly written and quickly captivating series that is neither afraid nor ashamed of entertaining the audience.”

~ Marcy McNamara, The Los Angeles Times

“It is thick with characters living in a morally gray zone, calling to mind shows like ‘The Shield’ and ‘The Wire.’”

~ Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times

“The storytelling bounces quickly and seamlessly from vice cases to family troubles to mobsters big and small. All the stories are connected and the cast is universally great.”

~ Gail Pennington, The St. Louis Post Dispatch

“The seamy, violent snd enticing world of TNT’s utterly riveting new 1960’s cop drama Public Morals is a world different than the one Hollywood usually shows you.”

~ Glenn Garvin, Reason.com