• Edward Burns
  • Kerry Bishé
  • Marsha Dietlein
  • Max Baker
  • Dara Coleman
  • Johnny Solo
  • Caitlin Fitzgerald

Newlyweds Buzzy and Katie find their hopes for a blissful new life together disrupted by Buzzy’s chaotic sister’s arrival to their Tribeca loft and Katie’s critical sister’s disintegrating marriage.


Shot in a pseudo-documentary style with a production budget of only $9 thousand on a Canon 5D camera, “Newlyweds” was the closing night film of the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival.

  • Closing Night Film
  • 2011 Tribeca Film Festival

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Ed Burns’ latest writing and directing venture holds the perfect recipe for swiftly putting audiences into a New York state of mind.

~Caitlin Colford, Paste Magazine

Newlyweds is funny, but never at the expense of its ideas. Whereas most relationship comedies these days are contrived and dopey, this one strives to be more truthful, and it succeeds. A solid, insightful human comedy.

~Mike McCanaghan, The Aisle Seat

Burns’s faux-documentary style allows space for some wickedly revealing confessions, while jump cuts accentuate his characters’ rapid-fire showdowns.

~Andrea Gronvall, Chicago Reader

I hope there’s a sequel because I’m really curious about what will happen to these characters five years down the line.

~Any Taubin, Film Comment Magazine