The Brothers McMullen (1995)

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Sometimes the best friends are those you’ve known your whole life.

Three brothers from Long Island try to reconcile their lives and loves in this charming romantic comedy which won Best Picture at the Sundance Film Festival. After their good-for-nothing father dies and their mother leaves to be with the man she really loves, brothers Jack, Barry and Patrick are left with the only each other as they struggle with their own relationships. Married Jack is tempted to have an affair; Patrick isn’t sure his fiancee is “the one”; and Barry can’t deal with the fact that he is actually falling in love. Written, directed by and starring Edward Burns, THE BROTHERS MCMULLEN is a heartwarming look at matters of the heart.

Starring: Jack Mulcahy, Edward Burns, Mike McGlone, Connie Britton, Maxine Bahns, Elizabeth P. McKay, Shari Albert, Jennifer Jostyn

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